No pain, only gain.

shift the burden of collections to us and focus on patient care instead.

Septilllions Oscar tracks a claim through its entire lifecycle and helps you get paid the full amount for services as quickly as possible.

With Septillions oscar you get everything you need including:

  • Complete Revenue Cycle Management that starts with a patient making appointment and ends with all patient payments being collected.
  • We'll pre-register the patient through scheduling, take down medical histories, and run insurance eligibility verification.
  • We’ll create claims submission after the patient has been seen and apply the proper ICD-10 code to prevent claims denials. 
  • You'll reduce staffing costs and Increase collections by 9% or more when you let oour trained team handle your revenue cycle, from claims submission to A/R follow-ups.
  • Our priority is to generate your claim quickly and get it to the payers promptly, whether they are paper or electronic, so you can get paid promptly.
  • We follow-up on claims denials and no responses so you can focus on health of your patients … without worrying about your own financial health.


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