Complete & Thorough Medical Transcripts

critical clinical decisions at your fingertips

Septilllions Dictate transforms your notes into a clear and comprehensive document of each patient’s visit so that there is a complete record of the diagnosis and treatment plan available.


With Septillions dictate you get everything you need including:

  • Comprehensive overview of a patient’s complete clinical summary with medications, problems, allergies, vitals, labs, immunizations and more.
  • Transformation of your audio notes into complete and thorough medical transcripts.
  • Prompt responses to your everyday questions and problems so you can focus on providing care to your patients without any worry.
  • Optimal support to you in identifying drug interactions so you know you’re always prescribing the right medications to your patients.
  • Specialized team proiding detailed approach to eliminate administrative burdens and to meet your business needs head-on.


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